Per i giovani ricercatori

Questa sezione ospita notizie relative a corsi di aggiornamento, borse di studio e altre opportunità formative e di ricerca per i giovani studiosi di linguistica (ordinate in base alla scadenza delle domande)

Universität Zürich, Phonetisches Laboratorium / Post-doctoral position in phonetics

The research project ‘Phonetic features of (multi-)ethnolectal urban vernaculars in German-speaking Switzerland’, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, investigates linguistic phenomena which distinguish the speaking styles of young speakers with an immigrant background from authochtonous Swiss German dialects. One main goal of the project will be the construction of a database containing a variety of speech materials produced by two different groups of adolescents. Acoustic and statistical analyses will be carried out as well as perception experiments in order to shed light on the social interpretation of particular sociophonetic variables.
Application deadline: 15.08.2017.
Download the Call (PDF).